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How To Prepare the Home For Real Estate Listing Photos

We photograph both the interior and exterior of your home. All of the rooms in the home will be photographed, unless there is a room you would not like photographed.


  • Clean whole house
  • Vacuum, and mop
  • Open all shades/blinds
  • Clean glass doors and windows
  • Hide trash cans
  • Turn on all lights.
  • Replace broken light bulbs and match bulb colors if possible
  • Turn ceiling fans off
  • Contain children’s toys out of site
  • De-clutter all rooms.
  • Remove excess magazines/papers
  • Straighten dining room chairs
  • Conceal all cords. Unplug if needed. (except lamps)
  • Clean table tops
  • Dust Chandeliers
  • Fluff & arrange pillows and furniture
  • Turn off TV’s and tidy up living spaces
  • Dust ceiling fans


  • Remove vehicles from driveways
  • Do not park directly in front of the house
  • Remove or hide all garden tools including hoses and sprinklers
  • Mow and rake yard and sweep driveways, porch and sidewalks
  • Move garbage cans out of sight
  • Vacuum/Clean pool, and remove vacuum.
  • Turn on pool fountains
  • Remove or hide pool toys
  • Close garage doors
  • Remove toys, sports balls, etc.
  • Tidy up outdoor tables sets


  • Contain pets
  • Place pet bowls in pantry or closet
  • Put away toys, beds, crates, and litter boxes
  • Clear yard of pet bowls, pet waste and toys


  • Remove photos, notes and magnets from refrigerator
  • Clear countertops and remove day-to-day utensils
  • Remove items from sink
  • Straighten stools and chairs
  • Hide trash can if visible
  • Remove magazines, newspapers and mail


  • Make all beds and tidy bedrooms.
  • Hang or put away all clothing
  • Clear nightstands
  • Remove all clutter form dressers
  • Put away shoes, clothing, knick-Knacks and general items
  • Clear under beds


  • Clear countertops.
  • Remove toothbrushes, jewelry, medicine, and other clutter
  • Put Toilet seats down
  • Remove rugs
  • Remove cleaning brushes, plunger, scale, and trash cans
  • Replace with full roll of toilet paper
  • Hide shampoo, soap bottles, loofahs, shaving cream, and razors from shower
  • Clean mirrors, Tub & Shower
  • Remove dirty or non-matching towels